No more tears…

Have you heard the one about the onions that don’t make you cry?

Sunions® have made their way over from the US and are now being stocked in Waitrose.     They are being positioned as a ‘game-changer’ – perfect for those with sensitive eyes as well as cooking in the kitchen with children.

The downside is the price-point.   A 3-pack will be priced at £1.50 – at 50p an onion this is 3-times as  much as the cheapest onion at around 14p.

Now I have been known to pay over £1 before for diced onions – more for the convenience factor rather than the eye-watering factor.  In fact, crying over an onion is a fact of life that I have never thought of before as an issue.

This made me question whether there is a market for these onions, and at what price point it becomes too expensive?  Possibly for a Waitrose customer £1.50 will be a price worth paying.  For me I will stick to the tears!

Q. Does your pricing strategy reflect the ‘value’ your target market places on your product or service?