Word of the Day

I have to talk about Wordle – it was all over the news earlier this month as the owner sold the rights to The New York Times.  Now, I had not played it before but after reading about the phenomenon it had become I gave it a go.  And yes it is addictive as everyone says.

What I love about it is the simplicity.  One word a day to guess and easy to access.  I also love the catchiness of the name,  closely linked to the name of the developer – Josh Wardle, who came up with the game for him and his partner to play during lockdown.

There is also a competitive element to it – who can get the word in the least moves.  Unfortunately my hubby is not interested and I have no-one to compete with (except myself).  A lot of my facebook friends do share their daily wordle attempts on social media platforms, and this is part of the reason the game has received so much traction and a worldwide following.   (although many are getting fed up of the daily ‘sharing’!).

How long the ‘buzz’ around this will last, who knows – but in the meantime it has definitely made its mark, and made someone rich 😊.

  1. Can you simplify any part of your business model to make it more appealing to your customers?