I’m Brenda Etchells,
your business mentor.

You’re in business because you’ve found something you’re passionate about. You understand your industry, your skillset, and what you can offer your clients, but do you have a clear understanding of how this all fits together in a way that works for you and brings you closer to your goals?

As your business mentor, I’ll help you to move your business forward, explore new ideas and overcome any barriers, all in a safe space. Together, we’ll create a clear strategic approach to your business, without compromising on what matters to you. It’s time to move your business forward, in a safe space to explore new ideas and overcome your roadblocks.

Running a business isn’t easy!

When it comes to running a business, you’ve got a lot of plates to spin. You need to make daily decisions, implement ideas and innovation, make the right choices and move your business forward.

Particularly if you run your business on your own, sometimes you just need that sounding board to bounce ideas off and share the challenges of running a business with someone who gets it.

Find clarity

Let’s shut out the noise, and get to the heart of what success looks like for you, your life, and your business (in that order).

Find focus

Having a realistic plan in place is a great way to keep you on track. We can create a roadmap that keeps you focused on where you want to be, but stay flexible about how you get there.

Find balance

Plans might change, but one thing that should never change is the passion that brought you into business in the first place. We’ll make your business work for you, and not at the cost of your personal  life.

How my business mentoring has helped others

Over 60 clients later, I still love hearing about how my mentoring sessions have helped businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors transform their growth and success.

Business Mentoring

6 session package

Let’s work through the noise in your head, and create a plan of action that works for your business through 6 constructive mentoring sessions.

Let’s build the business of your dreams

You need a sustainable and long term balance in your development, life and your business. Business mentoring will provide you with a safe space to work through your roadblocks, showing you practices to navigate your life and business both now, and in the future.

Brenda Etchells

Hi, I’m Brenda! I want to help you fuel your passion for what you do.

I know a thing or two about following your dreams and finding success on your terms.

I left a 30 year career in financial services so that I could pursue my passion of sharing what I knew to help other business owners find happiness. Through my personal experience of starting a passion-led business, and the experience I gained throughout my professional career, we can work together to bring your dreams to life.