Take a look at how I can bring clarity, focus and confidence to the growth of your business

Let’s focus on you

Running a business can feel like your brain is running at top speed all hours of the day. With new ideas going round in your head constantly, it can be difficult to organise your thoughts into a clear plan that you can execute.

As your business mentor, it’s my job to bring clarity to your goals, find the space to focus on your priorities, and help you make decisions with confidence.

I’ll offer the support, and sometimes the challenge when you need it, to help guide you to your solutions. As we work together, I’ll get under the skin of your business, armed with an understanding of what you want and how you work, I’ll be there to help you face any challenges that crop up.

Your mentoring sessions are entirely led by you and your needs, with me to guide you and help keep us on track. I can help you connect the dots, and be your supportive sounding board to help you see the big picture clearly.

Big picture connections

Details are important, but if they don’t slot into a clear, big picture, how can you know if you’re on the right track? I can help you understand the interconnecting parts of your life, bringing an objective, friendly voice to help you piece everything together.

A challenging viewpoint

Sometimes, getting you to think about your life and business can mean asking difficult questions, and really getting to the heart of what’s holding you back. Together, we’ll address any difficult situations if they arise, and I’ll be there to help challenge and reflect back on what I’m hearing so that you can see the reality.

Achievement through action

I always love seeing that lightbulb moment in my clients. The moment where everything clicks into place, and you know what you want to achieve. By working through your challenges together, we’ll find the best course of action for you to take, with you at the helm.

How it all works

The steps to creating a successful business mentor relationship

Let's Chat

Through a free, 30 minute introductory session, you can tell me exactly where you are in your business journey, and what you want to get out of your mentoring sessions. These sessions are great for finding out if we ‘click’, and if we both want to work together.


Before your first session, I’ll send over some resources to help you start thinking about your goals, objectives, and any current challenges you might be facing. This also helps us to get the most out of our sessions, where I can use your reflections to drive our time together.   We will also formally contract at this stage. 

Your Sessions

We’ll work together for 6 sessions. Each of these:

  • Is 1.5 hours long.
  • Can take place face to face or over zoom.
  • Usually happens once a month but can be tailored to fit your schedule

After each meeting, I’ll send over my notes, and anything we can reflect on before our next session, and might even include some action points.
Outside of our sessions, I’ll be available over the phone or by email whenever you need that extra dose of perspective, advice, or even just to update me on your progress.


After your 6th session, we’ll review what we’ve covered so far, and reflect on the goals and objectives we’ve discussed. If you feel it would be beneficial for you, we can also look at recontracting for as long as you need me.

Your investment in your success

Mentoring has the potential to transform your life and your business, which is why it requires financial investment, as well as investment of your time, energy and creativity.

  • Total investment of £1,200 for 6 sessions.
    • £120 deposit made payable once we’ve agreed to work together.
    • Followed by 6 payments of £180, invoiced after each session.
  • Or £250 for a one-off session
    • 90 minutes to help you get unstuck, and move your business forward.
    • Perfect for anyone looking for a one-off meeting to bounce ideas around together, or to find support in making a big decision without the longer-term commitment.

If you’re based outside of the Leeds area but would still prefer a face to face session, my travel and accommodation costs will also be included in your invoice, as long as you agree to this beforehand.

Let’s get started, and find out how I can take your business to the next level