Top 10 tips for making strategy simple

KNOW YOUR PURPOSE Your purpose is your WHY – why does your business exist.   This should be a constant in your strategy and should be the ‘north star’ that drives every decision.  Purpose can sometimes get mixed up with vision, or mission.   Your vision is your long-term goal, dream, picture of what the future looks […]

How to: Have an Effective Strategic Planning Process – Webinar

I was delighted to be invited to speak to partners and guests of The Northern Affinity this week about the strategic planning process.  The video of the webinar is available to watch via this link. During the session I talk about: What is strategic planning The four elements of the iterative process The pitfalls […]

Bank Balance – A Strategic Game

Did anyone watch Bank Balance – a game show hosted by Gordon Ramsey? I was glued to it every night as it represented the importance of having a clear game plan – A STRATEGY! Contestants who had a strategy from the start fared much better than those that were making decisions as they went along. […]