Top 10 tips for making strategy simple

KNOW YOUR PURPOSE Your purpose is your WHY – why does your business exist.   This should be a constant in your strategy and should be the ‘north star’ that drives every decision.  Purpose can sometimes get mixed up with vision, or mission.   Your vision is your long-term goal, dream, picture of what the future looks […]

Anyone for tennis?

I will be glued to Wimbledon for the next two weeks. As a tennis player in my youth I have played a lot of matches in my time. Some I won, and some I lost. I would often play tactically but rarely, if ever, had a strategy. I knew my own strengths, but did not […]

The Strategy Pyramid

I have been running workshops recently with the amazing Danielle Heward, where we take our delegates through each part of the strategy pyramid. It all starts with your WHY, and this should be a constant in your strategy – it is the reason your business exists.  Your purpose may be general in nature or may […]

It’s all about the WHY

As entrepreneurs we all set off with a clear idea of the product or service we are offering, in effect the WHAT.  What is harder to define is the WHY. There are two parts to this question: WHY do you exist? WHY should your customers’ buy from you? Let us explore part one first: WHY […]