Time to re-brand?

You may have seen that Hermes have rebranded to Evri. The decision seems to have based on moving the company forward, away from it’s reputation of poor customer service.   Their Chief Executive Martijn de Lange said:   “It is more than just a name change – it is a statement of intent of our commitment […]

My new podcast addiction – The diary of a CEO

Having being impressed with Steven Bartlett on Dragon’s Den I have become a bit addicted to listening to his podcast ‘The Diary of a CEO’.  I find it a great way to increase my knowledge, understanding of other business models and be empathetic to other business leaders.  It is comforting to know that even the […]

The Babymoon

A friend and his wife are expecting their first baby in a few weeks so have been away for the weekend on a ‘babymoon’ – a final bit of time to themselves before baby arrives. I have never heard this phrase before but it liked it and wondered whether this an emerging trend? So, I […]

The year of the squeeze

The other news story that won’t have escaped your notice is the increase in energy prices, and food prices, and pretty much most things we have to buy. It is being referred to as the ‘year of the squeeze’ by the Resolution Foundation and you can read more here: https://www.resolutionfoundation.org/comment/the-year-of-the-squeeze/ Whilst this will likely hit […]

The little touches

I often buy little gifts through online marketplaces such as Etsy and it is often a micro- business that is behind the items on sale. I recently purchased a gift for my daughters 18th and it arrived beautifully packaged and inside was a little thank you note.  It was such a lovely touch and would […]

But it doesn’t snow in China (or does it??)

I was chilling (no pun intended) watching the winter Olympics when I had a sudden realisation – it doesn’t snow in China, does it?  I checked with hubby who told me that they are using fake snow for the Games. My interest was piqued so I started reading up in it.  The decision to hold […]

Word of the Day

I have to talk about Wordle – it was all over the news earlier this month as the owner sold the rights to The New York Times.  Now, I had not played it before but after reading about the phenomenon it had become I gave it a go.  And yes it is addictive as everyone […]

No more tears…

Have you heard the one about the onions that don’t make you cry? Sunions® have made their way over from the US and are now being stocked in Waitrose.     They are being positioned as a ‘game-changer’ – perfect for those with sensitive eyes as well as cooking in the kitchen with children. The downside is […]

Our reputation on social media

It is very easy these days to share a bad experience on social media or one of the many review sites.  But is it fair to do this to a small business without giving then the chance to rectify the mistake? Another facebook post last week on our local community page showed a picture of […]

Who is your supporting cast?

I have recently binge watched Derry Girls and loved it.  As an ensemble piece the five main characters are all well cast and have great chemistry.  However my favourite character is the head nun, Sister Michael.  Her little quips and facial gestures are delightfully funny. This made me think about the importance of having a […]