The Life I Lead podcast

A few weeks ago I was invited on a guest by Nicholas Witherick, a renowned leadership development coach to discuss the nuances between mentoring and coaching.   Have a listen here and drop me a line to let me know what you think.  Brenda

Preparing for your mentoring session

As mentors we strive to give the maximum value to our  clients and that means being prepared.  In this latest episode of Mentoring Me, Mentoring You, Les Gill and I discuss th e different ways we prepare, as well as ask if too much preparation can detract us?  Enjoy…..

Read any good books recently??

Listen in to my chat with fellow ABM mentor Les Gill as we discuss books we are currently reading that help us to develop as business mentors.

Celebrating Business Mentoring: A Spotlight on ILM 7 Graduate & ABM Full Member -me!

As part of our celebrations leading up to 2023 National Mentoring Day, this blog series showcases some of our ABM Member’s achievements and contributions to professional business mentoring.   In this first blog, we speak with ABM Mentor Brenda Etchells about her mentoring journey and how professional business mentoring can make a true impact on […]

What is the difference between mentoring and coaching?

This is a question I am asked a lot.   And one which I had to write it about as part of my Masters.    I am not surprised clients are unsure as to which they need, and often as Mentors or Coaches we can also be a bit unsure as to what we are providing!  So […]

Top 10 tips for making strategy simple

KNOW YOUR PURPOSE Your purpose is your WHY – why does your business exist.   This should be a constant in your strategy and should be the ‘north star’ that drives every decision.  Purpose can sometimes get mixed up with vision, or mission.   Your vision is your long-term goal, dream, picture of what the future looks […]

Tribunals – My Learnings, by Tracy Carpenter, Mint Human Resources

Mint’s world was rocked towards the end of 2021 when we received notification we were being taken to tribunal.  We’ve supported clients through the tribunal process but this was different. It was personal. Yes, we’re in the game where this could happen but equally we only ever act on our client’s behalf as a neutral […]

The Little Things by Tracy Carpenter, Mint Human Resources

How do small medium enterprises (SMEs) provide a benefits package which is right for their teams, doesn’t break the bank and helps retain their best talent and why is the right benefits package so important? Is it all about the cash? Working for a company is sometimes just seen as giving over your time and […]

How to be a Strategic Leader

What is Strategy? As you progress in your career you move from being an operational leader to a strategic leader. But the word ‘strategy’ often installs a feeling of fear into many. It may be because it sounds grander than it actually is.  In essence a Strategy is having a plan of HOW you are […]