How to: Have an Effective Strategic Planning Process – Webinar

I was delighted to be invited to speak to partners and guests of The Northern Affinity this week about the strategic planning process.  The video of the webinar is available to watch via this link. During the session I talk about: What is strategic planning The four elements of the iterative process The pitfalls […]

Untangling the Spaghetti in your head

I was delighted to join Ian and Tracey Earl this week on their ‘In Businss Talks 2’ podcast. During the podcast I talk about how I help my clients to BE CLEAR and BE FOCUSED – which was described by one client as helping her to “untangle the spaghetti in my head”. You can listen […]

The Strategy Pyramid

I have been running workshops recently with the amazing Danielle Heward, where we take our delegates through each part of the strategy pyramid. It all starts with your WHY, and this should be a constant in your strategy – it is the reason your business exists.  Your purpose may be general in nature or may […]

It’s all about the WHY

As entrepreneurs we all set off with a clear idea of the product or service we are offering, in effect the WHAT.  What is harder to define is the WHY. There are two parts to this question: WHY do you exist? WHY should your customers’ buy from you? Let us explore part one first: WHY […]

Delivering a Purpose Driven Strategy in a Digital World

I was delighted to work with Danielle Heward of DH Professional Solutions recently, looking at the alignment between Purpose, Strategy and Delivery. Your purpose is the reason WHY your business exists –what problem are you solving? Is your reason for being bigger than just your business by meeting a social need? Consumers increasingly are looking […]

Back to the future…

At the very moment when the present least resembles the past, it makes little sense to look back in time for clues about the future” This interesting quote comes from an article in the latest Harvard Business Review (Jul-Aug 2020). So, if we can’t use the past to predict the future, how do we plan […]

How to plan ahead when the future is uncertain

Most of will think of strategic planning as a classical discipline used by many businesses.  They aim to be the biggest and the best in their market and will follow a standard approach of: Analyse their market Write a plan Execute that plan Simple?  Yes! However, this only works when your market is highly predictable.   […]