The little touches

I often buy little gifts through online marketplaces such as Etsy and it is often a micro- business that is behind the items on sale.

I recently purchased a gift for my daughters 18th and it arrived beautifully packaged and inside was a little thank you note.  It was such a lovely touch and would make me shop again with them.


There are many ways to differentiate yourself but fundamentally (or at least according to one theoretical model) there are 3 main ways.  You can:

  • Compete on price – through a strategy based on operational excellence allowing your efficiencies to allow you to charge a lower price (e.g. McDonalds)
  • Compete on quality – through being innovative and developing leading-edge products (e.g. Apple)
  • Compete on customer service – through personalised and tailored solutions and creating ‘wow’ moments (e.g. Amazon)


Regardless of the strategic approach you should always be thinking about how to create a lasting impression with your customer, especially if you are looking to build brand loyalty and advocacy.

  1. What little touches can you add to make your customer’s experience more memorable?