Who is your supporting cast?

I have recently binge watched Derry Girls and loved it.  As an ensemble piece the five main characters are all well cast and have great chemistry.  However my favourite character is the head nun, Sister Michael.  Her little quips and facial gestures are delightfully funny.

This made me think about the importance of having a strong ‘supporting cast’ that elevate the programme to another level.  (Think Gunther in Friends as an example for those of you who are fans).

As a business owner it is equally important you have a strong supporting system around you.  This could include:

  • family
  • staff
  • suppliers
  • customers
  • social media followers/influencers
  • networking partners
  • external experts e.g. marketing, web developers, lawyers, accountants, coaches
  • a business mentor (yes – me!!)

As we grow our business there is an increasing number of other people we need to engage with, and often need to influence. This might be to land a new client, obtain funding or successfully deliver a project. Whatever you are trying to achieve it is likely you need the support of others.   So, with whom should you invest your time and energy?

The stakeholder map is a great tool to use to think about the relative position of each stakeholder.  Head over to the tools section to download a blank template.


Q. Are there any roles in your cast you need to fill?