Anyone for tennis?

I will be glued to Wimbledon for the next two weeks.

As a tennis player in my youth I have played a lot of matches in my time. Some I won, and some I lost. I would often play tactically but rarely, if ever, had a strategy.

I knew my own strengths, but did not really think about my opponents weaknesses. I just played my own game and hoped for the best. I did not create the advantage by either creating the opportunities or minimising my opponents threats.

Top players have a strategy for every game – helped by a coach and a team of experts around the who will spend hours analysing footage of matches.

All sounding familiar?

If you would like to ‘bounce’ (pun completely intended!) around your strategy options, talk about your competitors, or analyse your areas of strength and weakness then get in touch to arrange a session.

And if anyone fancies a game of tennis I would love to get back out on the court.

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