Community First

One of the key consumer trends arising from the pandemic is the move towards supporting our local community.

As we leave our homes and neighbourhoods less, our community becomes more important to us.   There is real sense of camaraderie and collectivism.  We now are more likely to go out our way and check-in on our neighbours, or do their shopping for them.

We are also  more highly aware of the facilities on our doorsteps and feel a sense of duty – even pride – in walking around our parks, dining out locally, buying our coffee from our independent cafe and shopping at our neighbourhood stores.

Last week I received a case of 6 wines from my local vineyard as a thank you gift from my Coach.  It was such a wonderful surprise and I was touched by the fact he had sought out a local supplier rather than a well known wine company – supporting my local economy.

Q.  How can you ensure your business is at the heart of your community?

We will be discussing this and other trends at the first online open discussion in January.  This is a great way to share views with other SMEs, and learn from each other.   Members can book on for only £10.   Hope to see some of you there.