Delivering a Purpose Driven Strategy in a Digital World

I was delighted to work with Danielle Heward of DH Professional Solutions recently, looking at the alignment between Purpose, Strategy and Delivery.

Your purpose is the reason WHY your business exists –what problem are you solving? Is your reason for being bigger than just your business by meeting a social need? Consumers increasingly are looking for businesses to have a strong social purpose – sustainability is a prime example.

You should be able to clearly articulate your purpose, often written as a mission statement. This is then core to every strategic choice you make as you grow your business. Every message you communicate internally and externally should align to the purpose.

Having the right structure, people, culture and tools is key to successfully delivering your business strategy. The right setup of your teams, processes, technology and information will help you optimise your business outputs, ensuring you are maximizing the effectiveness of your purpose and increasing your impact on the world.

We delivered a workshop as part of Sheffield Digital Festival and you can watch the recording here:

If you would like to find out more contact either myself at or Danielle at

We can offer a tailored session for you and your business to help you ensure your purpose is at the heart of your strategic actions, and your people and infrastrucure are fully supporting the delivery of your strategy.