Behind the times?

Single-use plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds are now banned in England.    We have frequently holidayed in Aruba and they banned single use items back in 2017.  At first it was strange to not get a wee plastic straw in your cocktail – but we soon overcame it and were full of respect and admiration for the Island’s commitment to its environment.  It has now extended the ban to incorporate:

  • Single use plastic bags with any type of handle
  • Single use plastic bags in supermarkets to pack fruit and vegetables
  • Single use plastic/styrofoam cutlery, cups and plates
  • Single use plastic stirrers and straws
  • Single use plastic/styrofoam containers used for immediate consumption like fast food containers/food trucks
  • Suntan lotion/cream with Oxybenzone
  • Releasing of plastic confetti and balloons into the sky